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Mobile Roadworthy Certificates and Diagnostic Scan

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On-site and Mobile Roadworthy Certificates

        Mobile services including Roadworthy Certificates to your Home or Office at a fixed price of $90 includes:

        • Motorbikes
        • Scooters
        • Cars
        • 4WD'S

        We're covering majority of north Brisbane, from Fortitude Valley up to Caboolture. Get in contact now to make your booking!

        When is a Roadworthy Certificate needed?

        You have to display a Roadworthy / Safety Certificate on any registered light vehicle from the moment you offer the vehicle for sale, this includes but not limited to:

        - Listing the vehicle for sale online
        - Placing the vehicle in public for sale

        Unregistered, second hand and registered interstate vehicles must have a Safety Certificate as part of the Queensland registration process.

        How long does the Roadworthy Certificate last?

        Upon completion of the inspection, if the vehicle passes the inspection you will be issued the certificate straight away. If the vehicle fails the safety inspection, you will be notified at the areas that needs to fixed and then you have 14 days to rectify the problem for a re-inspection.

        Licensed motor dealers:  Roadworthy Certificates are valid for 3 months or 1000km (Which ever comes first) from the date of issue.

        All other sellers: Roadworthy Certificates are valid for 2 months or 2000km (Which ever comes first) from the date of issue.

On-site and Mobile Diagnostic Scan

Do you have a warning light on your dash, not sure what it means? Is your car running a bit rough lately? or vehicle stuck in limp mode and not revving pass 3000rpm?

These days it’s not as easy as popping open the bonnet and finding the problem. Vehicles are now controlled by sophisticated engine management systems which are similar to your computer at home.

Your engines computer is known as an “ECU” and reads and stores the fault codes from your vehicle. Most of the time when there is a problem with your vehicle, the ECU will know straight away and put your vehicle into a "safety mode" which will limit the operations of your vehicle to prevent any major damage to your vehicle.

How does it work?

Most late model vehicles are fitted a diagnostic port called "OBD2" that can communicate with our scan tool, some older vehicle may not have this port, which will result in a manual way to extract the codes out.

Whats the cost?

- $50 for a quick diagnose with all code cleared
- $100 an hour for in-depth diagnostic includes code clearing

(All prices includes call out fees)

or CALL US for Assistance at:

0488 059 878

What Our Customers Say

Shane Melaugh

“Amazing service, perfect quality and good pricing!”

“Amazing service, perfect quality and good pricing! Was honest and truthful, not a money hungry mechanic chain. Will always recommend to friends, family and even strangers too!!

- Jenny. K

Shane Melaugh

“Quick, competitive pricing, professional and most of all honest.”

“Would not go anywhere else for mechanical repairs and services. Quick, competitive pricing, professional and most of all honest. The option of not only after hours but weekend services is very convenient and the guys at Dreamworks went out of their way to squeeze me in. Next time your vehicle is due for a service or needs some TLC take it to Dreamworks Automotive. ”

 - Jan. A

or CALL US for Assistance at:

0488 059 878